Travel Trade Athens is the must-attend annual event for travel professionals, connecting selected international buyers with leading suppliers in the Greek tourism and MICE industry.

About Travel Trade Athens


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Travel Trade Athens connects some of the world’s biggest travel trade and MICE players with the leading suppliers in the Greek tourism and MICE industry. Don’t miss out. 


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Without the commitment and the expertise from our partners and the support of our sponsors, Travel Trade Athens would not have been as successful.



What is the format of the workshop?

Taking into consideration the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 outbreak worldwide, Travel Trade Athens 2021, the signature event of the city of Athens turns hybrid this year. The event will include online b2b meetings for all participants and personalized fam trips for those who decide to travel to Athens during the event

The three main pillars of the event are the following:

  1. B2B meetings: All meetings will be held online via an online B2B platform which is managed by ETOA (European Tour Operators Association). Those buyers wishing to physically attend the event in Athens will have the option to connect to the platform either via their personal laptop/tablet/smartphone or in specially designated areas at the conference hotel, following, all the necessary precautions, social distancing and hygiene measures.
  2. Tours & Site inspections: Buyers attending the event in Athens will have the opportunity to explore the City of Athens and the greater Attica region through experiential tours designed exclusively for Travel Trade participants. Buyers may select thematic tours that fit their interests and expertise, and will be a valuable opportunity to attend site inspections and gain first-hand knowledge about the unique tourism portfolio of Athens. The tours and site inspections will be personalized with a maximum of 5 hosted buyers per group.
  3. Social events- Currently, due to the imposed COVID- 19 restrictions, no social events are scheduled to take place during the Travel Trade Athens. Should the restrictions be lifted and it is epidemiologically advisable, a small open-air welcome cocktail and farewell networking gathering will be organized at one of the city’s landmark venues.
Who can participate in Travel Trade Athens?

To be eligible to apply for the TTA hosted buyer program you need to have honest interest in the Athenian tourism product and must be any of the following

  • FIT Operators
  • Group Travel
  • Educational Operators
  • Scheduled Tours
  • Wholesalers / B2B
  • OTAs
  • MICE / Corporate
  • Events Agencies
How can I apply as a hosted buyer for Travel Trade Athens?

Hosted Buyers can apply online here by completing the requested form. All fields are mandatory. Applicants will also have the option of choosing between physical or virtual participation. * The physical or virtual option can be amended at a later stage. It’s the intention to travel to Athens or not that needs to be registered at the early stage.

For those buyers that decide to join us in Athens, travel, accommodation and F&B expenses will be fully covered by the City of Athens

*All applications will be subject to evaluation from the TTA organizing Committee.

* One representative per company will be accepted at this stage

What happens if a buyer needs to cancel his/her physical participation and attend the event online?

All buyers who have chosen to physically attend are eligible to cancel their journey to Athens, should medical or travel restrictions occur. You may propose another representative from your company should they wish to participate physically.

The TTA is an exclusive event that takes place once per year and receives a great number of applications. This year due to the pandemic, a limited number of 60 buyers will be allowed to register to attend the event physically or virtually. Given the limited number of participations and the long waiting list we are expecting, we would like to kindly ask you to notify us in advance so that we offer your registration to another company.

How can I apply as a supplier for Travel Trade Athens?

Suppliers can apply online here by completing the requested form. All fields are mandatory.

The TTA is an exclusive event that takes place once per year and receives a great number of applications. This year due to the pandemic, a limited number of 90 suppliers will be allowed to register to TTA. Only one representative per company will be allowed to attend. Suppliers must speak English

Priority will be given to the ACVB members. All other applications will be treated on a first come- first served basis provided that they fulfill certain eligibility criteria.

Eligibility Criteria for suppliers (non ACVB members)

  • Own certification for the Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT) for the past 3 years at least.
  • Tour Operators & Travel Agents must prove inbound tourism business for more than 3 years
  • PCOs must have proven track records of at least 3 international congresses over the past 3 years of more than 100 participants
  • DMCs must have proven track records of at least 3 international events over the past 3 years of more than 100 participants.
How will online B2B meetings take place?

Our matching system will allow for a maximum of 24 online meetings, 14 minutes duration each.

To accommodate overseas participants meeting slots are adjusted so as to serve as many different time zones as possible.

You can find a preliminary schedule here.

How will Tours, Site inspections and Social Events take place?

Hosted buyers that decide to physically attend the event in Athens, (April in Athens is very enjoyable we must admit) will choose from different options (leisure or MICE-related). It should be mentioned that in order to be fully aligned with the social health measures currently in place, all famtrips will be limited to a maximum of 5 participants each. Priority will be given on a first-come-first-served basis. Kindly be informed that should additional COVID-19 restrictions be enforced, modifications in the allowed number of participants will apply.

How will Suppliers’ workshops take place?

Aside from the online b2b meetings, Travel Trade Athens 2021 will offer a highly educational workshop for all suppliers.  The workshops are to be held with physical presence, fully aligned with COVID-19 restrictions when it comes to the number of participants and the room set up, provided we are allowed to do so. All workshops will also be available online.  Hosted buyers will also be offered the opportunity to participate virtually.

How many appointments will be held per participant and how long will they last?

There will be a total of 16-24 appointments for each participant. The duration of each appointment will be 14 minutes.

What will be the Buyers/Suppliers ratio for this year’s event?

The maximum number of buyers participating in the event will be 60 and the maximum number or suppliers will be 90.

Will delegates need to hold a negative COVID-19 test before travelling to Athens?

Depending on the country of origin, different rules apply. In most cases however, all visitors flying into Athens from abroad will be required to present a negative PCR test, taken within 48 hours of entering Greece. For updated information, kindly refer to 

*Protocol for air arrivals

  • Arrival at the entry gate.
  • Transfer to the area where the screening personnel are located. Travelers are requested to show their QR code either on their mobile phone screen or in print. If travel departure begins prior to the day of arrival, travelers are allowed to board after showing the confirmation email (and not necessarily the QR code which is scheduled to arrive during their trip.)
  • Depending on their QR code/confirmation, travelers are directed either to the screening area where they will be tested for the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 by a trained health team or to the exit (to baggage claim area or passport control).
  • Upon completion of the test, travelers are directed towards the exit (to baggage claim area or passport control).
  • The test results are expected to become available within 24 hours. During that time, passengers who are tested are advised to practice social distancing according to local guidelines and self monitoring for symptoms that could indicate COVID-19. In case of such symptoms, medical advice and/or contact with the National Public Health Organization (EODY) Operations Centre should be immediately sought. Only in case they test positive, the authorities will contact them and proceed with the health protocol in place. Otherwise, they may continue with their holidays, adhering to the general public health safety guidelines.
  • If travelers plan to have multiple stop-overs in Greece, they must declare this and report their initial destination and their travel itinerary for the next 7 days.

All travelers must comply with all of the necessary preventive hygiene measures (use of masks and physical distancing) according to local guidance.


Who will cover expenses in the event of a Covid-19 patient's air transportation and hospitalization?

The Greek state will cover expenses related to hospitalization of visitors suffering from Covid-19 symptoms.

What happens if an infection is confirmed at a hotel?

In the event of a confirmed infection, close contacts of the case will be transferred to a separate quarantine accommodation at the expense of the Greek state.

How does the online meeting system work?

This video demonstrates the ease with which your appointments will be delivered and you will also find below more details:

  • On the day of the event you will access the browser-based platform.
  • Your agenda will be ready on the platform, details of your matches will be provided.
  • During the welcome, breaks and throughout the entire day there will be a broadcast from Athens Development and Destination Management Agency, sponsors and other contributors.   
  • Technical assistance will be on hand throughout the day.  
  • When appointments start you will be connected automatically to your meeting.
  • Your agenda and meeting details will be on the left, the video call on your right.
  • Typical video call functions are available, including full screen mode, text chat and screen sharing.
  • You will be counted down to your next appointment. You can end a meeting early.
  • The schedule on the left will note completed meetings. In order to facilitate your follow-up the contact details of your meeting will appear.
How does the appointment selection process work?
  • One month before the event you will be invited to submit your appointment preferences – you will select and rank the top 5 companies with whom you would like to be assigned a meeting.
  • Once all delegates have submitted their preferences, the appointment system will generate your appointment schedule.
  • Provisional appointment lists will be sent to you approx. 1 week before the event, in order to prepare for your meetings. The final appointment list will be shared a few days before the event.
What technical setup will I need?
  • Before joining us online you will need to test your computer’s specifications:
  • Check your computer has necessary requirements here . Click ‘START’, after the test there should be no elements highlighted in red, items in amber are ok, just not optimal – contact for more information.
  • Check your compatibility and security settings by testing the video platform
  • Recommend a physical internet connection (I.e not via 3/4/5G or WIFI)
  • Internet connection should be min 600kbps download/upload
  • Working speakers, microphone and a webcam
  • Recommend desktop or laptop computer (i.e not suitable for mobile devices)
  • Recommend using Chrome browser (JavaScript must not be manually disabled)