Athens Walking Tours Wins its 9th consecutive Travelers’ Choice Award by Tripadvisor

Athens Walking Tours has been recognized as a 2021 Travelers’ Choice award winner, and it is the 9th consecutive year we are being honored with this award by our satisfied reviewers on Tripadvisor. This 2021 achievement is perhaps the most important one for us for two simple, yet significant reasons. 

First, because it means that Athens Walking Tours managed, not only to stand on its feet during a very challenging, constantly changing period for the tourism industry overall, but also that it managed to stand out by delivering for one more time outstanding services and experiences to guests from all over the globe.  

The second and equally important reason is that by thinking ahead, by carefully planning our course of action, and by implementing all new Covid-19 safety measures and guidelines in the best and more convenient way possible, we were able to continue to delight our guests and gain top ratings and enthusiastic, heart-warming, even moving reviews that kept us going and finally gave us this award. We are therefore grateful to our wonderful guests, to whom we are committed.

Apart from being grateful, we are also confident. We now know that we have the ability to quickly adapt even to unprecedented circumstances, time and time again. We were able to discover new ways of working, we designed new services, and with the aid of technology we took over exciting projects, such as our virtual tours that filled us with excitement and hope. 

Ioannis Giannakakis our Managing Director stated: “This award speaks to our hearts and I wish to dedicate it to our most appreciated asset; our people. Athens Walking Tours is above all its valuable people, who day after day put all their efforts, skills, knowledge, and passion, and who often do much more than what is expected to make it all happen, and this has been most solidly proven during the last two, extremely demanding years. We are proud of our amazing guides, tour leaders, hardworking operation and back office staff, all support team and  (sales, marketing, accounting, etc - we love you guys!) overall more than 70 resourceful diligent professionals who proved that even in turbulent times, they deliver excellent quality services and awesome guest experiences, without any discounts on safety.  Together we will continue to excite our guests while prioritizing their safety and well-being.”

As the world keeps turning, we will keep on touring, and aspire to a most promising 2022, all engines full ahead!


Athens Walking Tours was founded in 2004 out of a demand for small group city tours that would offer a unique guest approach compared to existing sightseeing tours. Since then we have been welcoming visitors to Greece with innovative and memorable tour programs and activities.  Each and every single tour has been carefully designed by experts. All our guides are local, licensed, and share one common trait; they love their job and share their wealth of knowledge about Greece in a friendly and informative manner.

We operate small group historical walking tours in Athens that include most of the major attractions, as well as culinary tours, such as our Athens Food Tour, our Cooking Lessons, and our Wine Tasting Tours. All of them offer the visitor of Athens a unique, enriching, and all-encompassing experience of the city’s ancient and historical past together with its present, modern everyday life. We are consistently given high ratings on all travel websites and social media.