Clio Muse Tours: 36% increase compared to 2019 in bookings for August

Clio Muse Tours is traveling again this year to Thessaloniki to participate in the 85th TIF from the 11th to the 14th of September, which will take place physically at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre. The company’s booth will be part of the theme park Digital Greece, which is an initiative of the Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Information and TIF-Helexpo.

This year’s tourist season marked an unexpected increase in bookings in Clio Muse Tours’ self-guided audio tours and according to the latest projections it will extend until the mid of the autumn months. The booking numbers not only reminded us of the ones of 2019 but in some cases, they moved higher.

Specifically, already by the second week of July, the sales in audio tours and “skip-the-line ticket and audio tour” packages had exceeded the bookings forecast for both June and July by 30%.

Moreover, during July and August, the two busiest months in tourists arrivals, the booking numbers reminded us of the ones of 2019. In fact, August’s bookings for self-guided audio tours and combo packages for museums and archaeological sites in Greece increased by 36% compared to August 2019.

In June sales were slower but in July they gradually increased reaching by the end of the month the same numbers of 2019. It is worth noticing that in 2019 Clio Muse Tours multiplied its revenue by 10 times serving 50,000 travelers from all over the world.

The fact that of Clio Muse Tours’ overall audio tours bookings in over 10 countries, 90% were for greek destinations, shows that the country held the top place in many travelers’ list proving that the tourism industry is recovering fast.

Finally, according to the latest statistics, audio tours and combo packages with skip-the-line tickets for the country’s museums and cultural heritage sites were the top choices for travelers. Most precisely, the most popular Clio Muse Tours’ products were The Acropolis Hill, the Knossos Palace, the Acropolis Museum, the Ancient Agora, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Heraklion Archaeological Museum and the National Archaelogical Museum of Athens.

This year’s summer season filled us with hope for the future and the physical event of the 85th TIF is a great opportunity for us all to meet again.